It’s always the same drill. You say you’re going to get in shape for the New Year, and then by mid-January you’re already too bored or too busy to keep up with the workout routines you were so excited to add to your daily schedule. This year, it’s time to set your resolution in continuous motion. These workouts are so fun and motivating they’ll never grow repetitive or dull, and no matter how busy you are, you’ll be so pumped for these fitness plans you’ll always manage to find a way to make room. Procrastination ends now with these must-experience 2017 workouts:


1) Dancebody (380 Broadway)

With a slogan “you don’t have to be a dancer to look like one,” Dancebody offers ideal workout classes for those who may not be too flawless on their feet but still want to bust a move and get in shape. You can start off with an easy Level I class that familiarizes you with the studio’s style, and once you find your groove, you may even find yourself in a Level IV, which allows you to burn your calories with the “queens of dance cardio.” With the ability to choose classes from the level scale, you can break a sweat without publically humiliating yourself with your dance moves (or lack thereof) and attain the body build you thought you could only achieve in your dreams. Undoubtedly, the workout here is intense and challenging, but there’s no way you’ll walk out of there without having tons of fun first. When you kick off your 2017 workout, you’ll be breaking into your happy dance.

2) The Dogpound (1 Renwick St)

In order to be angels, they hit The Dogpound. Adriana Lima, Karlie Kloss, and Martha Hunt all love the high intensity workout that Kirk Myers and his team provides. Helping make fitness into a lifestyle, the Dogpound workouts become addictive, and the instructors become a family. Sign up for the signature Machine Gun workout for a combo of yoga, cardio, resistance training, core strengthening, and even ballet, that promises to bring your body beyond what you ever thought it was capable of. This power workout burns up to 700 calories per session, and with the wide mix of activity and zero repetitions, time will just fly by. Beyond the workout, if your New Year’s resolution is to amp up your healthy eating, The Dogpound offers nutritional programs to get your dietary needs on track and help achieve your personal weight loss and muscle gain goals.

3) POUND (Any Crunch NYC Location)

As far as new fitness trends go, this one is definitely amongst the most out of the box. Attain rockstar status while gaining a superstar body with drumsticks as your main fitness tool. POUND utilizes Ripstix® drumsticks, specially designed for your perfect workout. Most workouts feature an energizing soundtrack, but here, you become the musicmaker, making the workout even more upbeat and meaningful, incorporating cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements into your musical composition. Rock out to the sound of you burning 900 calories per session, as you jam to your favorite music to help sculpt your figure and build lean muscle. Face the music and get lost in the rhythm instead of counting your reps or the seconds until you get a water break.

4) Body & Pole (115 W. 27th St)

Pole dancing may have the connotation of something risque and promiscuous, but it’s actually an amazing workout. Just think about how exciting and entertaining it would be to tighten your abs, build your upper body strength and elongate your figure while upside down and spinning around a pole. With a repertoire of body roles, climbs, spins and inversions, you’ll kick butt in 2017 with your unique workout routine. Yes, climbing up a pole and dangling upside down above a hardwood surface might sound a little bit intimidating at first, but with basic training and a five-level system that prepares you for the advanced gravity defying stunts, by the time you get to those higher levels, you’ll already feel like you can fly. If some of this sounds interesting to you but the whole pole concept still conjures up images of gentleman’s clubs and fishnets, Body & Pole offers aerial hoop and fabric options where you perfect similar moves but lose the pole. If you’re going by the motto “new year, new me” this may be a pretty cool place to check out for your 2017 workout regimen.

5) Core Fusion Extreme (Exhale Spas)

Looking to cleanse your mind and sculpt your body in the new year? Core Fusion Extreme classes at Exhale Spa locations help you break a sweat and clear your mind. Working your way through 5 power stations featuring TRX, weights, gliders, plyo-boxes, and core balls, your HIIT training experience will empower and energize you, while short active recovery periods between each sequence will help you reflect on your workout and increase the workout quality. Don’t worry about getting bored once you’ve mastered the class routines; sequences change monthly, so that you are always challenging yourself with something new. Grab your sneakers and get to your closest Exhale Spa for a workout that will constantly keep you on your toes and whip you into shape.

6) Y7 (Brooklyn, Flatiron, SoHo, Union Square, Upper East Side)

Promoting a vibe that’s more “trend” than “zen,” Y7 redefines yoga for its Millennial target. Pulling from hot yoga with its 90 degree classrooms, Y7 strays from the yogi norm with its dark, lightly candlelit rooms, absent of any mirrors for students to check their form and critique their own performances. With this design, Y7 yoga studios instead allow its students to better connect with their inner selves. Pumping today’s popular music throughout the room throughout the session, Y7 boasts a more upbeat atmosphere than a traditional buddhist-style yoga class. Aiding in relaxation by perfecting your breathing rhythms but also pumping you up, as you perfect poses while jamming out to music from the Weekend to Stevie Wonder, Y7 spices up the yoga fad, adding an urban, modern edge, perfect for switching up your workouts for 2017.

7) The Class by Taryn Toomey at Bandier studio B (164 5th Ave)

An extremely cathartic experience said to help relieve grief, save marriages, and inspire changed career paths, Taryn Toomey’s experience is one of a kind. Equally mental as it is physical, the class rejuvenates the entire body inside and out. Through moving the body and making sounds in very specific ways, following the rhythm of meticulously curated music, participants mentally and physically relieve their stress, helping to put your body and mind in perfect sync. Followers have traveled the world to see Taryn Toomey’s class in motion, but lucky for you, she teaches right in Flatiron’s Bandier studio B, and a permanent TriBeCa location will hit the city in early 2017. Challenging and enlightening, The Class is alluring to anyone looking to start the New Year with a fresh slate.

8) The Fhitting Room (31 W. 19th St and 201 E. 67th St)

Enter a funky, colorful gym for a workout that parallels the atmosphere. The strength and endurance training sessions that fall somewhere between crossfit and bootcamp constantly change, and the different instructors in the room work off of each other to craft a unique, challenging workout experience.Though classes contain around 20 people, the group is split up into teams that participate in a round robin system, so that you get personalized, intimate time at different stations around the gym. While the workout is fast-paced and exhausting, the high energy that fills the room keeps you on top of your game throughout the 50 minute session. Not to mention, while the instructors are whipping your butt with their high intensity workout routine, they also genuinely care about your health and fitness goals, making the experience personal and satisfying.

9) Flex Studios (47 West 14th St and 650 Broadway)

Trying to find something that’s the next big workout trend but not so interested in the scene that comes along with workouts like SoulCycle or Orange Theory? Flex Studios provides its students with perfectly sculpted bodies in a fun, energetic environment without clouding the workout experience with unnecessary frills. Choose from a barre, pilates, or TRX suspension training experience or mix and match all of the classes for an exciting, challenging experience. With only around 12 students per class, you’ll certainly get plenty of attention from the instructor to help you get the most out of the workout and to aid you through any moves that may get a little bit too tricky.

These classes stand out from the fun, beneficial equipment used in each session to get you in the best shape you’ve ever been in. If you want your 2017 workout plan to take a “no pain, no gain” mentality and make it a whole lot of fun, check out these classes in the new year.

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