021b3c_f040994c4a0d491aa22fc37c004f7473-mv2If you’re looking for a place to snuggle up with a drink this winter, you’re in luck! We have you covered with a comprehensive list of 14 of New York City’s coziest fireplace bars. There’s a place for everyone, so find the one that’s right for you and head over to warm yourself up.

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1. Brooklyn Buschenschank (320 Court Street, Brooklyn)

This bar not only offers gorgeous fireplaces – it also has a bar stocked with almost forty different German, Italian, and Austrian brews. Its open kitchen cooks up mouthwatering fare including oxtail stew, cheese fondues, and their signature dry-aged rib eye and bison burger with melted foie and shaved black truffle. Take a seat at one of their wooden communal tables, and you’ll feel right at home.

2. Black Mountain Wine House (415 Union Street, Brooklyn)

Taking on the appearance of a cozy wooden log cabin, this location boasts an intimate atmosphere and a roaring fireplace. It’s well known for its American fare (which rotates weekly), as well as an excellent selection of wine to compliment its small plates. According to their website, “wine is the spice of life!”

3. Back Room (102 Norfolk Street)

This bar, often packed with tourists, is rumored to be one of two New York City speakeasies that have been up and running since the ‘20s. The place serves cocktails in teacups, and beer comes wrapped in paper bags. It also comes fully furnished with a secret bookcase door and velvet-enrobed furniture, giving the bar a cozy salon feel that the fireplace only enhances.


4. Camp (179 Smith Street)

This Smith Street bar’s log cabin theme, complete with taxidermy deer heads and board games, will make you feel as if you’re back at middle school camp. Naturally, they serve s’mores (as well as a s’mores cocktail) on their menu, in addition to drinks that will make you feel warm and cozy inside.

5. Spritzenhaus (33 Nassau Avenue, Brooklyn)

The dim lights and soothing fireplace of this cozy bar makes it feel extra homey. In addition to more than 20 drafts and one of the best whiskey selections, it also offers ciders, lagers, gluten-free options, wheats, and sours. Spritzenhaus is also stocked with Jenga games, so you’ll never have to worry about getting bored.


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6. Lexington Bar and Books (1020 Lexington Avenue)

This Upper East Side bar is the perfect location for classy and fancy fireside drinkers. If your idea of a good time is sitting by the fire while puffing on a cigar with a glass of whiskey in hand, this is definitely the spot for you. For a swanky place like this, however, there is a dress code: “casual yet stylish proper attire” (meaning jackets and collared shirts for men, and dresses for women).

7. The Flatiron Room (37 W 26th Street)

This is the place to go if you’re looking for a relaxed and sophisticated nightspot and a warm fireplace. Offering over 750 brown spirits, its collection is one of the biggest around. It also hosts regular live jazz performances, which you can listen to while enjoying oysters, charcuterie, and bone marrow.


8. Lantern’s Keep (49 W 44th Street)

This location is widely considered to be one of New York’s most authentic speakeasies. Featuring an extensive cocktail list (which also happens to be a favorite of Midtown locals), it also boasts an incredibly romantic atmosphere, making it the perfect place for a first date.

9. Clover Club (210 Smith Street, Brooklyn)

With pressed tin ceilings, velvet-upholstered settees, and a 19th century mahogany bar, this location boasts a casual-sophisticated vibe. If you’re looking for dinner fare, this is the place to be – it offers everything from mac and cheese and steak frites to steak tartare and caviar. The cocktail selection includes different variations on Old Fashioneds, cobblers, punches, and more.


10. Zombie Hut (273 Smith Street, Brooklyn)

This is one small yet unique bar. Featuring bamboo façade, Polynesian masks, thatched straw, and other cultural décor, the tiki bar offers some very eccentric food and beverages. Make sure to try their Scorpion Bowl, which is served in a glazed bowl filled with Bacardi 151-spiked punch and lit aflame before being served.

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11. Hot Bird (546 Clinton Avenue)

This bar is probably best known for its incredible outdoor fire pit on its massive patio. (Hint: there aren’t a lot of these around the city.) It also banned babies from its location a little while ago, meaning you won’t be irritated by the screams of hungry infants. Featuring big open spaces and communal tables, there’s always a friendly vibe at this bar.



12. Molly’s Shebeen (287 Third Avenue)

Because this bar is a neighborhood favorite, it’s known to be completely packed on weekend (and sometimes weekday) evenings. It’s a great place to socialize with a crowd next its warm wood-burning fireplace. If you stop by, make sure you try their famous burgers and brews – especially their bacon cheeseburger – you won’t regret it.

13. Brandy Library (25 North Moore Street)

Set up to look like a library, this cozy Tribeca bar is a great location to drink up if you’re a fan of books. It offers an extensive list of brandies, whiskies, rums, tequilas, wines, and beers, along with several specialty cocktails like the Russian Caravan or the Musket. If you’re feeling a little hungry, there’s also foie gras, sushi, and lamb on the menu.

14. Shoolbred’s (197 2nd Avenue)

Step inside this Scottish bar, and you’ll find yourself in what seems to be an elaborate drawing room featuring wood-paneled walls, stained glass windows, and plush leather chairs. During the winters, this place will become your second home. Definitely consider ordering a hot toddy, which is apparently one of the best in town, or their (free!) fried wonton chips.

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