Get your mugs and pint glasses ready! The New York City Craft Beer1 Festival returns to the the Lexington Avenue Armory (68 Lexington Avenue in Kips Bay, Manhattan) this October 14th – 16th for another weekend of beermania. Tickets ranging from $45-85 per session are now on sale for the two-day event where brewing professionals, serious connoisseurs, and anyone who enjoys good beer come together for a festival based on their favorite beverage.

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For the past four years, the NYC Craft Beer Festival has delivered top tier craft beverages to the crowds of thousands that come knowing they’ll leave impressed as well as happily inebriated. Each of the three sessions–Friday evening (7:00-10:30 pm), Saturday afternoon (1:00-4:30 pm), and Saturday evening (6:00-9:30 pm)–historically hosts over one thousand happy drinkers drifting through the multitude of stands, making conversation with brewers and sampling the latest offerings.

2Even if beer isn’t if your thing, the festival has you covered. This year, the line-up includes 75 different breweries featuring over 150 different selections of not just craft beer, but mead, hard apple cider, and spirits as well.

Other than just being the Big Apple’s largest drinking party, there are plenty of other great reasons to head down to Lexington Avenue Armory with all of your drinking buddies this October:

The Perks:

Everyone who purchases a General Admission ticket ($55) will be handed a complimentary glass for the tasting event upon entry and two-and-a-half hours to fill it up with whatever they want, however many times they want! That means you’ll be allowed unlimited samples of every beer on the main floor.

For anyone who is doing the beer math, that’s unlimited drinking from 75 breweries and over twice as many craft beers in a single afternoon. VIP ticket-holders will be given additional benefits including an extra hour to peruse the beer bazaar and access to the lower-level speakeasy featuring brews not available on the main floor.

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The Brewers:

Not only is this event a great big drinking party, it’s a chance for a large number of local microbreweries to land some new fans of their drinks that they have worked so hard to produce and perfect. These aren’t the beer companies that pay for commercials during the Super Bowl; they’re the lesser-known brewers that need a stage just like this one to showcase their talent and and satisfy some thirsty festival-goers at the same time.

The NYC Craft Beer Festival is the ideal time and place to get a taste from up-and-coming small-batch brewers from the area and decide which selections truly are the best of the best. It’s not everyday that so many quality options are under the same roof at the same time handing out samples, so there’s no better opportunity to try as many as possible and see what some of the smaller breweries have to offer to the most devoted drinkers in the city.


The Food:

5But the only thing better than a festival singularly devoted to the promotion of good alcohol is a festival that has food set up to go with alongside the star beverage. A diverse selection of local vendors selling their specialties will be available throughout the event floor to make sure that the beer tastings are accompanied by some food tastings as well, so there will be no worries about anyone going thirsty or hungry at this lively gathering.

And if anyone feels that craft beer and food don’t cover all the bases, the recently added Hard Stuff Tasting Pavilion offers with a generous spread of hard liquors and mixed drinks, too.

Inside the Craft:

Besides the food and drink, the NYC Craft Beer Festival has always done its best to send out its drinkers with a little more alcohol expertise than they might have started the day with. A series of seminars will be given throughout the event where attendees can indulge their love of beer with fellow connoisseurs, watch the professionals create some inspiring drinks, or simply learn some new lingo and skills to impress their friends at the next social gathering.

Learn from the Experts:


But the learning opportunities don’t stop there; anyone with a general admission ticket this year will enjoy access to the Craft Concierge, where they can meet one-on-one with a beer expert who can make sure that they are getting the most out of any drinking experience. Whether you are already at expert status or you just know that you like drinking, the beer fest will have plenty of professionals to help give you an even better experience.

The New York Craft Beer Festival is the ideal watering hole for connoisseurs, amateurs, and everyone in between. The money spent on a ticket to this event really goes a long way in terms of value, covering limitless tastings, a diverse selection of activities, and a great atmosphere that can’t be replicated, even at the best drinking spots around. Even the pickiest of drinkers should be more than able to walk away having found something new and different that hits the spot, so if you’re in the market to find your perfect taste, there is no better place to look for it.

The brewers are getting their taps ready, so don’t miss the chance to celebrate the amazing diversity of the beer industry in the best way possible: with a sampling glass.

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