You may still not be ready to say RIP to1 Summer 2016, but October is here, and Halloween is quickly creeping up on us. While you’re deciding whether this year you’ll dress up in something sexy, spooky, silly, or all of the above, we’re helping you discover some of the NYC hotspots that are indulging in the Halloween spirit by concocting some scarily delicious cocktails.

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1. This is Halloween! (Beetle House, 308 E 6th St)

The name says it all. This drink literally makes you feel like you are drinking Halloween. The pumpkin liqueur and apple cider create the perfect Fall taste, while the Fireball whiskey and apple pucker add their own unique kicks that may leave you screaming ahhhh. If the drink doesn’t make you scream, the Tim Burton-inspired bar’s eerie decor at Beetle House certainly will. This bar and this drink create the ultimate spooktacular experience.

2. Bloody Knuckle (Dutch Kills, 27-24 Jackson Ave, Queens)

What do you get when you mix gin, rye, and Aperol? Something that’s bloody good. The Dutch Kills in Astoria whips up a bloody concoction that epitomizes the Halloween fright. While drinking something that literally looks like blood may sound gross, the drink’s high alcohol content and low price will get you into a satisfied, spooky state of mind.


3. CandycornTini (SideBAR, 118 East 15th St)

3So clearly, there is nothing scary about candy corn, but you can’t not include a drink inspired by this Halloween classic sweet treat on this list. If you’re going to indulge in candy corn this October, make it alcoholic at SideBAR. This martini will excite your tastebuds with candy corn infused vodka, pineapple juice, and (of course) actual candy corn pieces. If you guiltily still go trick-or-treating to build up your candy stash, maybe this sugar-coated cocktail will have you hitting the bars instead of neighbors’ houses this year.

4. Pumpkin Margarita (JIMMY at the James, 15 Thompson St)

Move over pumpkin spice latte! This Halloween, get your pumpkin drink fix with some smoky mezcal. JIMMY at the James takes your favorite cozy fall flavor and adds some danger with their “illegal” mezcal concoction. Making this boozy beauty even more alluring, the bartender uses pumpkin butter as an irresistible secret ingredient. Hit up this rooftop lounge to take your Halloween adventures to new heights.

5. Gato Negro Cocktail (Dos Caminos, Multiple Locations)

Dos Caminos wants to extend your Halloween activities. The upscale Mexican restaurant is celebrating back-to-back holidays, Halloween and Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) with a dark, mystifying cocktail, the Gato Negro (along with a large fiesta complete with a wide array of specials). Made with Espolon Blanco tequila, black currant liqueur, muddled blackberries, and fresh lime juice, this drink looks and tastes forbiddenly delectable. This type of black cat doesn’t seem like it’ll make anyone’s holidays unlucky.


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6. Bloody Mary (Saxon + Parole, 316 Bowery)

While Bloody Marys are not specifically a Halloween drink, the legend of Bloody Mary is pretty scary, and the drink is always the ideal brunch pairing. Saxon + Parole offers bloodies four ways (including a DIY option), allowing you to customize your spicy scare. So raise your glass and cheers to a bloody pre-Halloween brunch creation. And if you peer into the reflective surface of your glass, maybe the real Bloody Mary will make a special guest appearance.


7. A “Wicked” Ozmopolitan (44 & X, 622 10th Ave)

If you’re planning on getting witchy this Halloween, check out the “Wicked” Ozmopolitan at 44 & X. The Broadway show rumors that the Wicked Witch of the West inherited her greenness from a green liquor, so this apple-y libation could (maybe) even make your Halloween costume more than just a costume. That could definitely make for a great Halloween horror story. Whether you’re a good witch or a bad witch, this cocktail is guaranteed to be delicious

8. Hocus Pocus (Forty Four, 44 W 44th Street)

You won’t need any magic words to order this bewitching cocktail, made with Beefeater Gin, Carpano Antica vermouth, Combier liqueur, and finished with the licorice flavor of Fernet Branca. And as if the cocktail isn’t decadent enough, Forty Four is housed in the swanky Royalton Hotel. For the full experience, enjoy your drink by the Royalton’s welcoming fireplace.


9. Coco’s Black Widow (Avenue, 116 10th Ave)

Avenue’s mixologists have conjured up the ideal cocktail to unleash your inner darkness. Sweet and citrusy tangerine coconut water gets masked by the exclusive Blavod Black Vodka, turning this fruity refresher into a sinister delight. With black licorice as a garnish, even the Halloween candy in this drink takes a dark turn.

10. Campfire Fancy (Boilermaker, 13 1st Ave)

There’s no place more fun to tell ghost stories than around a campfire. Since by the time Halloween hits, it may already be too chilly to spend the night outside, Boilermaker is bringing the campfire to you inside the bar, in cocktail form. Enjoy an Autumny-flavored scotch, house blend Creme de Cacao and Angostura bitters topped with a toasted marshmallow. On the night dedicated to ghosts, goblins, and witches, this cocktail allows you to combine your “BOOs” with your booze.


11. Headless Horseman (Strip House, 15 West 44th St)

The Headless Horseman is undoubtedly one of the most frightening faces (or lack thereof) of Halloween. Therefore, he certainly deserves to be celebrated through a classy, spooked up cocktail this Halloween season. Head to Strip House for a tasteful blend of apple cider and pumpkin spice syrup, that knocks your head off with the addition of tequila. Here’s a toast to the scariest of them all!

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This Halloween, indulge your boozy side with this curated list of cocktails. Try as many as you can before the calendar turns to November!

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