How it works.

We make it super easy and fair. We are a full service application and patent-pending solution that takes care of all of your mobile customer service needs as well as the development of the app. No monthly maintenance fees. Just 25¢ on each transaction made through your mobile app.

Custom iOS App

Mobile apps built for your restaurant in under 5 business days.

Online Dashboard

Manage everything from user information, orders, and inventory from your restaurant's profile.

Receipt Printer

Orders coming in will automatically be sent to your venue's receipt printer, eliminating processing and ensuring speedy preparation.

What clients say.

Don't just take out word.


General Manager

"So much easier than all the tablets we have for ordering platforms, didn't have to re-train my staff."

Mile End Deli

Mile End Deli


"Never thought I could have a mobile app for my restaurant up and running so quickly."




"We wish everyone one of our orders was placed through Postcard, it's so effortless."

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